Lines of Flight and Spheres of Influence


So last time I laid out something of an elevator pitch for this blog:

This blog is an open notebook, a messy place for bricolage, in my attempts to work out a communist project fit for the 21st century.

This deserves some more detailed elaboration, especially given how contested the term communism is, and to illustrate somewhat the method of bricolage I’ll be doing that by offering up some essential fragments we’ll be drawing on.

Lines of Flight

These texts provide a jumping off point for a project of liberation, founded on the idea that my freedom is inextricably bound up with yours, ultimately without end, but immediately tasked with overcoming capitalist alienation and for the first time making our own history.

Spheres of Influence

Here are a few important ongoing influences that will continue to provide input going forward (basically an old-school blog roll).